Fundraising for a new artificial grass field can be challenging. Now that people are seeing the benefits of turf it is easier for programs to ask for help. The turf will offer safety, improved performance, is durable, and has its drainage. There are some tips to fundraising for a new turf field.

1- Fundraise with the Booster Club

The booster club raises money for the organization and they can help develop activities that can be used for the turf. They can ask people to donate right to this project.

2- Ask Alumni

Alumni are proud of the college that they graduated from and are often willing to help out. Ask them to donate funds towards a new turf field and they will help. Some alumni that have found success will donate large sums to help out their school.

3- Finance

Many banks will provide financing for the project with a small down payment. This will allow the total cost of the field to be paid for over several years with a competitive interest rate. Field Turf also offers their fiancing. The terms can go between two and ten years and a school can borrow between $100,00 and $25 million. Payments can be made according to their fiscal budget.

4- Grants

Grands do not have to be paid back and there are several state and federal grants that the school can apply for. The USA Football Grant Program will also help youth and school teams replace their playing surface that was affected by a natural disaster.

5- Sell Advertising Spots

Once the turf has been installed fees can be charged to use the field or it can be leased to certain groups. These are some places on the sidelines and the fences of the field that can be sold for advertising.

6- Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is becoming very popular. Strangers can donate money to a specific cause. The turf may help the community and there may be people willing to donate money to cover the cost.

7- Public and Private Partnerships

There are several benefits for stakeholders that are willing to invest in a turf. The school can become a joint venture with another organization, and they can both benefit from this arrangement.

These are some ways to fund a new turf stadium. If an organization works with others and is willing to be creative, they can get the funding they need for a new turf field.